About us

On a mission to improve world health

Medicago’s mission is to contribute to an improved world health. Our high-quality life-science products and services are used by biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies in applications ranging from basic research to industrial-scale manufacturing.

Broad product and service range
Medicago is a world-leading provider of standardized products, targeting the life-science industry – including biological buffers, lectins, bioactive molecules, reagents and immunological kits. With a broad and dynamic product range – continuously adaptable to rapidly changing market needs – we have grown to become a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading life science companies since our foundation in 1995. 

We also offer a full range of services including contract development, contract manufacturing, freeze drying, clean room operation, bioprocessing, stability studies and kit assembly. Thanks to our modern high-capacity manufacturing facilities, we can deliver products in large volumes with the highest product and production quality.

Realizing life-science visions
We actively seek joint ventures with innovative life-science organizations. Thanks to our strong scientific knowledge base, we can offer truly professional contract development and manufacturing from initial concept to finished product – allowing customers to realize their life science visions. This unique customer opportunity is possible thanks to our extensive production resources, dimensioned primarily for our own product development. 

Capabilities for hire
Our production capabilities are selectively available for customers wishing to tap into our production system at their own discretion. Based on agreement, customers are invited to utilize our production resources – along with the skilled support of our laboratory engineers – from individual machines to complete process steps or plants. 

Quality of Sweden
Medicago was founded in 1995 in Uppsala, Sweden – an internationally renowned life-science hub, home to numerous world-leading life-science organizations, many of which are our customers. The group's customer offering is provided by the two companies Medicago BioSolutions and Medicago PharmaTech.  

Shaped by Swedish tradition, we are, by nature, quality-aware in everything that we do. The same tradition has also imprinted in us a strong commitment and concern for the environment and climate – factors equally important for sustainability and for people’s future well-being as our products and services themselves.

Corporate structure

Medicago is a family-owned group of companies founded in 1995, located in Uppsala/Sweden, targeting the global life science industry.

The group’s customer offering is provided by two companies: 

Medicago BioSolutions, offering a branded product range of standard products, including biological buffers, lectins, bioactive molecules, reagents and immunological kits, as well as customized solutions.

Medicago Pharmatech
, offering a wide range of services and capabilities for the life science industry, including contract manufacturing according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, contract development, freeze-drying, clean room operation, bioprocessing and separation, stability studies, kit design and assembly.