Freeze drying

Freeze drying

Medicago has one of the largest freeze-drying facilities in Northern Europe. Dimensioned to manage our own extensive product manufacturing, the plant is also available for freeze drying of third-party products.

From development to production
At Medicago we offer a complete range of freeze-drying services; from analysis of product, performed by using a freeze-drying microscope, to development and optimization of a freeze-drying process. Further through pilot studies and all the way up to industrial-scale manufacturing. All services are available for both vial and bulk volumes.

Up to 12 000 vials or 120 kg of material

Thanks to our plant´s large capacity of up to 12 000 vials (diameter 22 mm) or 120 kg of material per run, we are able to produce large volumes of freeze-dried products with short delivery times. Freeze-drying is available from pilot to industrial-scale production, and up to purity class 3 production for medical devices, ISO 13485. Loading and unloading of our freeze-dryers is always conducted in cleanroom environment. In our largest freeze-drying facility we offer our customers cleaning validation.

Highest level of expertise
As a Medicago customer, you will benefit from our extensive freeze-drying experience. Freeze-drying is at the heart of our expertise, dating back to the formation of the company. With more than 25 years of experience in producing highly quality-sensitive lectins, we can ensure secure production, packaging, storage and delivery of your freeze-dried products.