Secure reporting of any wrongdoing

In case you should observe a work-related wrongdoing in any activity carried out under the responsibility of  Medicago, you have the right to safely report it without risking reprisals or obstructive action.

What is whistleblowing?
Anyone receiving and reporting information about a potential work-related wrongdoing at Medicago is protected against reprisals or obstructive action according to Swedish law. Under certain circumstances, you can be given discharge of actions taken in relation to reporting the wrongdoing, e.g. breaking a non-disclosure agreement or unlawfully acquiring information regarding the wrongdoing. 

There is one external and one internal channel for reporting wrongdoings.

What can you report?
You can report any wrongdoing in violation of the following EU legislation:
• Product quality and safety standards
• Patent rights
• Product safety

Internal wrongdoings
There is an internal whisteblowing channel where entitled whistleblowers (see "Who can report?" below) who have observed a work-related wrongdoing at Medicago can make a report.

For internal whistleblowing, report by sending an email to whistleblowing@medicago.se

Who can report?
To be entitled to report an internal wrongdoing, you must have taken part of information about a work-related wrongdoing and belong to one of the following categories:
• Employees
• Applicants
• Volunteers  
• Interns  
• Contractors seeking or performing an assignment  

Former employees are also entitled to report any wrongdoing observed during the time of their employment. 

How to report externally
For external whistleblowing, report by sending an email to whistleblowing@medicago.se

What to include in your report

• Your name
• Your contact information
• Your category (according to the list above)
• A description of the wrongdoing you wish to report
• Where and when the wrongdoing took place
• Any proof or witness information. You do not have to submit any documents, but you are welcome to state if there are relevant documents.

Do not send more information than necessary for Medicago to investigate your report. There are rules to protect your identity when reporting a wrongdoing.

Why name and contact information?
Without this information, Medicago’s possibilities to investigate the wrongdoing under Swedish whistleblower law are reduced. The information is also necessary for Medicago to confirm receiving the report.

What happens after reporting?
Your report is logged and handled be specifically appointed personnel. The contents of the report are analyzed and subject to further investigation, or closure of the case. You will be informed about what action is taken in your particular case.