Perfect buffer quality every time

SmartBuffers™ from Medicago makes it easy to prepare biological buffers. SmartBuffers™ come as pre-made tablets or powder pouches in set quantities and convenient packaging. Just add the prescribed amount of de-ionized water – and you are ready to go. Always perfect buffer quality and a smart solution for you and for the environment.

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A vital base product at laboratories

Biological buffers used daily in most bio-laboratories are critical for the success of the experiments. They are essential in order to provide the most suitable environment to maintain the integrity of biomolecules and to promote the desired biological processes.

Saving valuable time

Medicago focuses on the development and manufacturing of high-quality, pre-made buffers, saving valuable time in daily routine laboratory work.

Pre-weighed tablets or powder pouches with a given concentration and pre-set pH eliminates errors related to buffer preparation (e.g. calculation, pH adjustment, contamination risk), allowing you to focus on your research and experiments. Just dissolve one tablet or the contents of one powder pouch in the specified volume of deionized water, and your buffer solution is ready-to-use in less than 5 minutes.

Medicago SmartBuffers™ are manufactured according to ISO 9001, using highly purified, analytical grade chemicals. The manufacturing process is monitored by stringent quality control procedures to ensure the highest possible quality and batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Conveniently packaged  

The Medicago SmartBuffers™  product range consists of more than 50 unique buffers including PBS, PBS-Tween, TBS, TBS-Tween, Tris-EDTA, NaPi, SSPE and HEPES. The buffers are supplied as pre-made tablets or powder pouches and are available in several different package types and sizes to suit customer needs. Tablets are packed in sealed containers or convenient blister packs while powder comes in sealed aluminium foil pouches.

Climate-friendly transportation  

The SmartBuffers™ concept is also advantageous compared to using pre-made liquid buffers – the most obvious benefit being transport efficiency. Why transport heavy liquids over a long distance instead of only the light-weight dry component?

The smart form factor is beneficial for you and for the climate. For example, one container of PBS tablets has the same environmental impact as 100 plastic bottles of liquid buffer.

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Freeing up storage space

A solid buffer takes up less space and also has a considerably longer preservation time than the corresponding liquid buffer. With SmartBuffers™, you simply prepare the amount of buffer you need, when you need it – while keeping a larger amount of dry components readily available for long- or short-term storage at the lab. Another advantage of preparing the exact volume of buffer needed is that less waste is created.

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