Bioprocessing and separation

Bioprocessing and separation

We offer several bioprocessing and separation services, from early research and development to finished product, including extraction, fermentation and chromatography.


Chromatography is at the heart of Medicago’s manufacturing capabilities, both in the development and production of our own branded products, as well as in contract manufacturing. As a core competency, we can offer anything from research-based to industrial-scale chromatography.

We are well-known for our high-quality chromatography services. Much of our success is due to our in-depth knowledge of affinity chromatography, which is the key to Medicago’s uniquely high content of active molecules in our protein and saponin products.

Our chromatography equipment includes chromatography systems from research to industrial scale, used for scalable protein purification whether in research lab work or in manufacturing.


We grow bacteria and yeast under stringently controlled conditions using state-of-the-art fermentation systems. We offer you a wide range of growth conditions and ensure a high reproducibility for your products. Vector design and recombinant protein purification services are also available.

• Fully automated bioreactors
• Highly customizable processes
• Optimization of expression and growth conditions
• Clean-room environment
• Process development on request
• Downstream processing and large scale separation


Extraction is the first step to separate the desired natural products from the raw materials. At Medicago we have the possibility to offer our customers extraction of components from biological raw materials, e.g. plant material. In our large-scale production facilities, we can process up to several tons of raw material in a short period of time. One example is grinding of beans and roots, which followed by chromatography and optional freeze-drying will generate lectins and saponins in kilogram quantity.

Centrifugation and autoclaving

Our centrifugation and autoclaving capabilities are available for customers mainly as part of a more extensive agreement such as contract manufacturing. However, we also offer to carry out centrifugation and autoclaving as separate services, depending on equipment availability. Contact Medicago for information about availability.