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Our intriguing customer stories

Medicago is a major contributor to the advancement of research and development in the life science industry. Our products have starred in important roles in many applications: from vaccine development to blood sampling – even forensics! Below you can read some intriguing customer stories based on our products and services.

Medicago in vaccine development

How lectins helped fight the pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in 2020, life science as an industry faced huge pressures to develop a vaccine effective against SARS-CoV-2. Medicago played an important role in the global production of the vaccine by providing large amounts of lentil-based lectin for research and development. Lentils synthesize a protein essential to the purification procedures in the vaccine against COVID-19.

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Medicago in forensics

On the side of justice

How much can buffer quality influence crime clearance rates? A lot, actually! SmartBuffers™ from Medicago have significantly preserved quality of DNA samples, forming a crucial part of modern forensic analysis.

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Medicago in blood sampling

More data from red blood cells

The quality of countless blood samples around the globe depends on high-quality saponins manufactured by Medicago. Saponins are used to optimize the efficiency of hemolysis, yielding more valuable information from blood samples.

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Medicago in pharma development

Monitoring protein L leakage

Medicago’s Protein L Ligand Leakage ELISA kit offers pharmaceutical companies an easy means of confirming significant protein L leakage during chromatographic purification of pharmaceutical substances.

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