Medicago in blood sampling

More data from red blood cells

The quality of countless blood samples around the globe depends on high-quality saponins manufactured by Medicago. These bioactive molecules are used to optimize the efficiency of hemolysis – yielding more valuable information from blood samples.

Key part of blood sampling
Hemolysis is defined as the rupturing, or lysis, of red blood cells (erythrocytes). In blood sampling, the purpose of hemolysis is to expose as many measurable variables as possible to optimize the quality of the analysis. This makes hemolysis a key part of any blood analysis work and an important tool for medical staffs around the world. 

High-efficiency hemolysis
High-efficiency hemolysis is particularly important when blood volumes are scarce, e.g. in modern point-of-care applications using hand held analysis instruments. These applications depend on the immediate presentation of blood data to medical staffs and patients, without a time-consuming turn to the lab. 

Unique purification method
Medicago has developed its own saponin product that has become widely renowned for its purity and capability to efficiently rupture red blood cells. The secret behind the product’s excellent performance is found primarily in the purification method, in which Medicago has benefitted strongly from experiences gained over decades of purifying lectins, which share many of saponin’s properties.

More active saponin molecules
The high purity of our saponin is the result of a large number of purification steps – more than industry standard. Each purification step is also more comprehensive than is commonplace in the industry. In addition, Medicago's saponin is renowned for its high number of active saponin molecules relative to less active ones – the primary performance criterion when it comes to saponin quality and hemolysis efficiency. 

Careful handling of raw materials – part of product excellence
Achieving the highest saponin quality begins already in the handling of raw materials. We refine the raw material ourselves, grinding down the roots of the Manchurian baby's-breath, or Oldham's baby's-breath (Gypsophila oldhamiana). This means we control most of the manufacturing chain ourselves, which is key to our product quality. Capturing the highest number of active molecules, we are able to offer the global blood-sampling industry saponin with a very high hemolysis efficiency.